When To Use Hard Money

You’ve found the perfect investment opportunity. The price is right, the market is ideal — and you can do all the work yourself. The only problem is, you need the funding. Many a house-flipper has faced the situation of having one such opportunity before them — but not having the necessary capital to get things…
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Tax Implications Of Real Estate Investing

When it comes to taxes, things can get pretty complex. If you’re like me, with multiple income streams, things tend to get even more complicated. My advice has always been that if you aren’t already, you should talk to a tax professional who can help you understand what kind of affect your investment decisions will have. Believe me, tax codes are changing all the time…
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The Holy Trinity Of Investing

Inexperienced investors often make judgments solely on Cap Rate. In this article, I’ll explain why Cap Rate alone doesn’t give you a complete picture of an investment’s potential and how you can virtually guarantee a profit by using the more complete picture painted by the Holy Trinity Of Investing. What Is Cap Rate? First off,…
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ROI Versus IRR

When it comes to analyzing your income property profit, what numbers should you look at? Doesn’t ROI give you everything you need to know? For a multi-year investment, ROI alone doesn’t cut it. Let’s take a look at some of the factors. Over the course of a year an investor strives to earn interest or…
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